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What is Apple's two-way wireless charging technology?

Apple finally updated its three-year-old IrPods, but the response wasn't very good. Netizens Tucao "no new color matching", "no strong endurance", "all upgrading should be reasonable." The only bright spot of AirPods 2 is the wireless charging function added to the charging box, which calmed the slightly disappointed fans.

The next generation of Apple's flagship iPhone 11 may support two-way wireless charging, which means users can charge Apple Watch and IrPods on their new phones without using a charger. The iPhone 11 will be bundled with a new USB charger, which currently works with the iPad Pro. Provide together to achieve faster charging speed than before.

What is Apple's two-way wireless charging?

The next generation of Apple's iPhone (which we'll call the iPhone 11 for the time being) is equipped with a two-way wireless charging system that can charge other devices wirelessly. This function is similar to the PowerShare function of Samsung Galaxy S10, which can provide power support for Apple Watch and IrPods charging boxes.

And it may be equipped with larger batteries to better support the function. (PowerShare, developed by Samsung for Galaxy S10, supports reverse charging and powers other devices that support wireless charging. Huawei Mate 20 Pro also provides similar functions.)

At the same time, the iPhone 11 may also offer an 18W charger. The news is exciting for many fruit fans. Knowing that the current iPhone comes with a 5W charger randomly, if you want to charge faster, you have to pay extra for the fast charger. Do you think Apple's two-way wireless charging is practical? Will you pay for an iPhone equipped with two-way wireless charging?

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