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Samsung's Relapse and Closure of Mobile Phone Factory

Beijing Business Daily News (Reporter Shi Feiyue) On July 21, Samsung was once again caught in the rumor of closing the factory. It is reported that Samsung will close its last mobile phone factory in China as soon as September. Now Samsung is in the final liquidation. The factory has been communicating with workers since May. It is expected that the whole factory will be closed completely in September. Beijing Business Daily reporter contacted Samsung China about this, but as of publication, the other side did not respond.

Samsung's closure of Chinese factories has been reported many times this year, but it has not been confirmed by Samsung. In early June, there were reports that Samsung Electronics was cutting production and laying off workers at its only remaining smartphone factory in China, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. If the rumors are true, the factory is no longer Samsung's first factory closed in China. As early as December 31, 2018, Tianjin Samsung Mobile Phone Manufacturing Factory (Samsung Tianjin Telecom), which had been established for 18 years, was shut down. In 2010, Samsung produced and sold more than 200 million mobile phones, more than 60% of which were produced in China, while Tianjin produced the most.

It is reported that Samsung is gradually shifting its mobile phone manufacturing to India and Vietnam in recent years. Among them, Vietnam undertakes the largest smartphone manufacturing business. As of April last year, Samsung's total investment in Vietnam was as high as 17.3 billion US dollars. Samsung has built eight manufacturing factories in Vietnam, mainly producing smartphones and electronic parts.

However, while closing the plant, Samsung seems to be building new factories. It is reported that Samsung is speeding up the construction of new projects such as MLCC plant (multi-layer ceramic capacitor) and power battery production line for automobiles, with an additional investment of 2.4 billion US dollars (about 16.26 billion RMB) in high-end manufacturing. At present, there are 10 Samsung enterprises gathered in Tianjin, with a total investment of over 5.8 billion US dollars (about 39.3 billion RMB), accounting for nearly one fifth of Samsung's total investment in China.

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