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Intel cooperates with Kangart to assist the development of Embedded Technology

Embedded computer module (Q7, COMExpress, SMARC), single board computer and EDMS customization service leader Congatec AG (hereinafter referred to as Kangart), the advantages and analysis of embedded computer module and the latest introduction of COM Express 3.0 Type7, SMARC2.0 computer module new interface. In addition, Intel, a major chip manufacturer, was also present to share industrial solutions for the Internet of Things.
Embedded computer module, like the heart of the system, contains the core function of system operation. The use of computer module enables customers to concentrate on the special needs and sizes of their industrial cardboard in research and development. It can not only shorten the research and development time, but also accelerate the listing time. If you have three different modules, three different display screens and two enclosures, plus a carrier plate designed by yourself, you can create 18 different products. Therefore, the application of modules can greatly reduce the cost of R&D and increase the scalability and flexibility of products. In the future, if you want to upgrade your products, you should always respond to market changes.
Next, Manager Lin gives a detailed description of the specifications and sizes of various modules provided by Kangart, including Q7, SMARC and COM Express. Among them, the small size and low power Qseven module can be widely used in handheld devices, robots or human-machine interfaces, while the COM Express module with high scalability and rich I/O ports can be supported. For example, COM Express module, which carries Intel's sixth generation Core Processor Platform, is widely used in medical equipment, especially high-precision ultrasound equipment.

Intel cooperates with Kangart to assist the development of Embedded Technology

In addition, the latest high-end COM Express Type6 module based on the 7th generation Intel Core? Processor (code name: Kaby Lake) is also introduced. It is suitable for applications requiring real-time processing and display of data-intensive streams, such as large data embedded cloud, edge and fog computing servers, medical imaging systems, video surveillance and vision-based applications. Quality control, simulation equipment, host system of virtualization control technology, visual system of industrial control room and other factory monitoring systems or high-end professional game machines and digital tags. Finally, Lin added, "In addition to the standard modular product line, for customers with special needs, Kangart also provides customized software and hardware services to meet customer needs."

As a member of PICMG Editorial Committee, Kangart made a detailed description of COM Express 3.0 Type7 specification and technology. Senior Application Engineer Chu Shengjie emphasized that compared with Type6 specification, Type7 emphasized network connection function. In response to the requirements of Internet of Things and industry 4.0, this specification was equipped with 40,000 Mbp network interface (10GbE). 32 high-speed PCIe channels, including NC-SI (Network Controller Sideband Interface) defined by DMTF organization, allow managers to connect to servers remotely through the network for a series of management and maintenance.

Conga-B7XD is Kanga's first COM Express Type 7 module. It uses headless design and supports 10 different server processors: from 16-core Intel? To strong? Processor D1577 to Intel Pentium? Processor D1519, which supports industrial temperature range (-40 ~C+85 ~C). In terms of memory, it supports up to 48 GB of fast DDR4 memory, and can select ECC functions according to customer needs. In addition, the COM Express Type7 server module, conga-B7AC, based on Intel? Aggression? C3000 processor, opens a new pattern through embedded edge computing supported by 10 GbE bandwidth.

James Liu, Intel Regional Marketing Manager, participated in the meeting to share how Intel helped the development of the Internet of Things through its own expertise in the rising tide of the Internet of Things, and formed a perfect ecosystem of the Internet of Things through suppliers of Internet of Things equipment, solutions and technologies. The company also works closely with Intel to continue research and development on technologies needed in the Internet of Things market.

SMARC2.0, the latest module standard specification, was also detailed and compared in the seminar. Chu Shengjie, a technology application engineer at Kangjiate, said that SMARC2.0 was officially launched last year. It is smaller than Qseven and has new image transmission interfaces, such as MIPI-DSI and DP++. It is suitable for small size and has high requirements for image output. Application.

Intel cooperates with Kangart to assist the development of Embedded Technology

Compared with Qseven and COM Express Type10, these three modules are small size modules, which are suitable for low power hand-held devices. Now, customers can have more choices for their applications. In addition, various specifications and sizes of modules and veneers based on Intel Apollo Lake processor platform are introduced. Apollo Lake processor platform provides faster multimedia processing performance, supports more integrated I/O ports, reduces external Hub requirements, simplifies system design and saves development costs. Among them, the first SAMRC2.0 module conga-SA5 not only establishes a new standard for low-power processors, but also its pre-integrated on-board wireless port, which is the best choice for Internet of Things connection.

In the seminar, a practical application case of COM Express Type 7 was presented. Through the conga-B7XD Type 7 module and the software of RealTime System, four operating systems can be executed at the same time. It is very helpful to use the same machine to process multiple applications in real time in Internet of Things applications.

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