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Huawei Kirin 810 Solid Chip Exposure

As the first Da Vinci architecture chip independently developed by Huawei, Kirin 810 has always been the focus of attention.

On July 8, Xiong Junmin, Vice President of Glory Products, presented Kirin 810 physical chip to the public for the first time and said that the chip with the highest AI score in the world would appear on the upcoming Glory 9X. At the same time, he said that as the last generation of Glory 9X, Glory 8X has shipped more than 15 million units worldwide so far.

Xiong Junmin said that the Kirin 810 chip is one of the only four flagship mobile phone chips with 7-nm technology in the world. Mobile phones with Kirin 810 chip will become the most competitive models in the market in the future.

According to public data, Huawei has launched two of the 7-nm flagship mobile phone chips in the world. Among them, Kirin 810 is one of the most concerned chips in the mobile phone market this year. It is reported that after 36 months of research and development, more than 1,000 semiconductor design and process experts participated in the chip, consuming more than 5,000 engineering verification development boards, which is a huge project.

Glory X series has always been one of the first products of Kirin high-end chips. Xiong Junmin revealed that Glory 9X will also carry Kirin 810 chip. Data show that compared with Kirin 710, the customized A76 core on Kirin 810 has 75% improvement in single-core performance and 40% improvement in multi-core performance. GPU is the customized version of Mari G52. Compared with the previous generation's Glory 8X, the Glory 9X has been greatly improved in the game, with 175% improvement in Manhattan's off-screen test at 1080P and 160% improvement in GPU's energy efficiency, which means that the performance has soared while saving electricity.

Xiong Junmin said that the first CPU was born as early as 1971 in the market, and it was not until 1999 that the first truly full-time 3D game graphics GPU appeared. In 2017, Kirin 970 first loaded full-time AI computing NPU, freed CPU and GPU from heavy AI computing, providing dozens of times AI performance, but only a dozen times of power consumption. Now, Kirin 810's integrated NPU is based on Huawei's new Da Vinci architecture, which is also the first time that Da Vinci architecture has appeared in mobile phone chips.

Comparing with the data of Qualcomm Moulong 855, the FP16 data format of Kirin 810 has excellent performance and efficiency, especially its energy efficiency ratio is 6-8 times better, while the Int8 precision retention and super-score performance of Kirin 810 are better, which is reflected in the clearer details of image processing and no picture error.

In addition, Red Star News learned from Huawei's official that Huawei recently officially issued an invitation letter for the developers'conference in 2019. From August 9 to August 11, Beijing time, Huawei's developers' conference in 2019 for global developers. To the outside world's excitement, will the long-legendary Huawei self-research system be released at this conference?

"As soon as this autumn, as late as next spring, Huawei's self-research operating system will come out." A month ago, facing the restrictions of Android, and media netizens constantly questioned the unexpected "Hongmeng", Huawei's consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong was throwing out such a hard core sentence, which caused the network to boil. Everyone is guessing and expecting that Nokia, Microsoft and Samsung have developed their own mobile phone systems before, and all of them have ended up with no illness. Can Huawei's Hongmeng succeed? Maybe the answer is next month.

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