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Newest Product

ON Semiconductor driving energy efficient innovations

   ON Semiconductor driving energy efficient innovations, and a top 10 global automotive semiconductor supplier following its recent acquisition of Fairchild Semiconductor, has introduced the industry’s most compact 650 volt (V), 50 ampere (A) automotive qualified intelligent power module for controlling vehicle air conditioning (A/C) compressors. The FAM65V05DF1 addresses numerous other high voltage auxiliary motor applications in hybrid and electric vehicles and helps designers increase the performance and efficiency of applications while simultaneously reducing costs.
   The FAM65V05DF1 uniquely integrates IGBTs, freewheeling diodes and gate drivers in an automotive-qualified 12 cm2 footprint package which is up to 40% smaller than solutions assembled from multiple discrete components. The device greatly simplifies and shortens the process of designing the power stages of high voltage automotive auxiliary inverters for A/C compressors and oil pumps - applications that must comply with stringent performance standards in demanding operating environments and with tight space constraints.
   ON Semiconductor’s broad portfolio of automotive related products and technologies continues to address the latest applications throughout the vehicle, as areas such as automatic driver assistance systems (ADAS), LED lighting, motor control, vehicle connectivity and vehicle electrification evolve at a rapid pace. In addition, the company’s products are important in helping enable progress towards semi and fully autonomous vehicles in the future.